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Clarissa Jacobson

Originally from Minnesota, Clarissa Jacobson is from the only family in the state that isn’t Norwegian and didn’t eat Tater Tot Hotdish every Sunday. Now she resides in Los Angeles with the other weirdos where she commits murder every day by delivering killer voiceover.

Clarissa got her start as an actress and has a BA in theatre from Indiana University and a degree from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. After paying her dues in off-Broadway plays with three people in the audience and mean stage managers, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue instant stardom but was bit by the voiceover bug instead. She's been slaughtering the mic ever since. 

Clarissa’s signature voice is authentic, warm, and full of energy but don’t let that fool you, she has a wide range – she can also give you that insane lady who just won the Powerball, the goth chick who sleeps with her Ouija board, or the sultry babe who has nothing better to do than apply lipstick.


On the animation side she can perform a slew of accents and is known for creating full-blown characters with humor. If you're looking for a narrator for your bestseller or no seller, either way she'll deliver an engaging read with heart.


Contact her for rates and if you're curious to find out about Clarissa's other artistic endeavors, check out her websites,, and ​

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